Tattoos hurt.
Booking them
should be painless.

Woman holding up hair above neck and back with multiple tattoos

Display flash, book appointments, take deposits, and build your mailing list - all in one place.


Automate the office hours and enjoy your new found free time. Go outside, you little shop goblin.

Desktop and mobile screenshots of Flashbook admin and client UIs

Clients tell you what they want

No more lengthy back and forth, clients can pick flash, schedule an appointment, and pay their deposit without you answering a single question.

Showcase your work

Clients can browse your available flash or answer personalized questions to request custom work.

Display tattoos
as tattoos

Using automated image blending designed for tattoos, clients can preview your work on their own skin tone.

Tattoo flash artTattoo flash art

Forget the algorithm
Connect with your audience

Grow your mailing list, drop exclusive flash, display countdowns to upcoming drops, and send automated messages to your followers.

About Us

Tattooing is our life and Flashbook is our baby. Administrative office tasks aren’t fun and they take up a huge portion of an artist’s time — time that is unpaid. Other scheduling apps exists, but they’re not very useful and feel like big tech cashing in on the tattoo industry using recycled software. Our goal is to create a tattoo scheduling app that handles the office work so artists and clients can have a better shared experience. Why? Because we want to use it too. Lol :)

— Chris Yonker
Tattoo artist & Flashbook founder

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